March 15, 2024

To enter in the BANDAI SPIRITS Co., Ltd. Hobby Division’s (hereafter referred to as “our company”) GUNPLA BUILDERS WORLD CUP 12th TOURNAMENT (hereafter referred to as “this tournament”), entrants must read and agree to the following Prohibition, Precautions, Use of Information Relating to Entrants and Works, Handling of Winning Entries, and the Privacy Policy before applying. If you entered this tournament, it will be assumed that you agreed to these rules. Now, if the entrant is a minor, the minor’s legal guardian must agree to these rules.


  1. 1.If any part of the entry (including but not limited to the entrant’s information, work entered, parts used, title, comment, and builder’s name) may be or is applicable to any of the following, submitted works will be deemed ineligible for judging or may be disqualified at any stage of the judging process. If they are disqualified, information posted on this tournament’s website and other outlets about the entry will be removed or deleted. Prize-winning works may have their win revoked.
    1. (1) Works that do not fulfill the rules listed in the About Entry Works or this agreement
    2. (2) If the entrant applied with falsehood or errors (including omitted sections that should have been filled out)
    3. (3) If the works use copies of GUNPLA, counterfeit products, or unlicensed products that claim to be Gundam-related/for GUNPLA
    4. (4) If the entry violates or may violate copyright, trademark rights, likeness usage rights, honor rights, the right to privacy, or defames a third party right
    5. (5) If it includes details that infringe on privacy, such as personal information
    6. (6) If it includes inappropriate details (including but not limited to violent or discriminatory expressions, anything that violates laws or public order and morals, and/or is considered defamatory)
    7. (7) Works that don’t relate to this tournament’s theme (including but not limited to political or religious expressions)
    8. (8) Any details, including but not limited to those listed above, that our company judges to be inappropriate
  2. 2.Drastically supplementing, altering, correcting, or otherwise changing the entry throughout the selection process after the entry period is forbidden.
  3. 3.Entrants are forbidden from using this tournament’s name (including the acronym GBWC) for business or profit no matter the method or situation.
  4. 4.Re-submission of applications that have been submitted to GBWC, GBC, or G40BC in the past will not be accepted.
  5. 5.This tournament does not prohibit double applications with other projects/contests (including those held by other companies), but applicants must confirm for themselves whether other projects/contests accept double applications.
  6. 6.If our company judges that the entrant has violated these rules, the entry may be deemed ineligible for judging or it may be disqualified regardless of what stage in the judging process it’s reached.
  7. 7.If there are falsehoods or errors in the entry’s registration data for this tournament, or if our company deems that entrants participated in this tournament using dishonest methods, the registration will be judged invalid and any prizes may be revoked.


  1. 1.This tournament can be entered using only a computer or a smartphone.
  2. 2.Please note that all costs (including communication costs, etc.) associated with entering this tournament are the responsibility of the entrant.
  3. 3.The cotents, schedule and design or specifications of prizes of this tournament are subject to change without prior notice.
  4. 4.We cannot respond to inquiries regarding the judging process and results.
  5. 5.Please note that we may contact you to confirm your work during the judging process. Please understand that if you do not respond by the deadline, your work may be excluded from the judging process.
  6. 6.We may ask you to provide additional images during the judging process. If you do not respond by the due date, we may exclude your application from the judging process.
  7. 7.Please note that we may contact you via the email address you submitted. If you have set a domain name restriction on the reception of e-mails, please remove restrictions on the "" domain name.
  8. 8.Winners will receive their prize by mail to the address they registered when entering. If the entrant’s name and/or address are listed incorrectly, or the address has changed since the entry period and the prize is unable to be shipped due to an unknown address, the winner may be deemed ineligible to receive their prize despite having won.
  9. 9.We will not be responsible for any loss or damage of the prize after it has been received.
  10. 10.Selling or giving the prize to a third party is forbidden. Our company will not take responsibility for any trouble relating to having given or sold the prize after receipt.
  11. 11.In the unlikely event that there is any strife with a third party due to an entry, it is the entrant’s responsibility to resolve the issue at their own expense. The entrant will not ask for assistance from our company for any cost or trouble resulting from this issue. If our company suffers any damage or costs due to this issue, the entrant will repay those costs or compensate our company for those damages.
  12. 12.Only one application per person will be accepted.

◆Use of Information Relating to Entrants and Works

  • 1.The entrant agrees that the GUNPLA (including Option Parts) used for entry will adhere to copyright (including rights listed in Articles 27 and 28 of the Japanese Copyright Act), and that all intellectual property rights belong to our company or third parties that we have specified. The entrant will not make any claims or demands regarding this.

    Also, the entrant will not make any claims of moral rights against our company for any GUNPLA (including Option Parts) details within their work.
  • 2.The entrant agrees that our company can use any photos, titles, or comments entered with their work, (Hereafter, this information together with photos and videos that were submitted as part of the final judging process will be reffered to as "entry information".) as well as any photos or footages of their works that our company takes, without prior notice or compensation, and that they will not make any claims or demands regarding that. Also, our company may or may not display the entrant’s photo, age, address (prefecture only), and/or builder’s name for appropriate use.
    1. (1) Publishing on the BANDAI Hobby Site or other websites managed by our company
    2. (2) Any media outlet (including official social media accounts and TV commercials airing both in and out of Japan) managed or produced by our company
    3. (3) Any publications, including magazines and books, sold by our company
    4. (4) Displayed at events
    5. (5) Published in media outlets such as hobby magazines, newspapers, TV shows, radio shows, and social media accounts
    6. (6) Any use that’s judged by our company to be necessary for promotion this tournament or GUNPLA
  • 3.Our company may change the size and coloring or trim any photos submitted, fix any typos in the title or comment, shorten any comment or otherwise edit any of the entry information as deemed necessary for the uses mentioned above.

◆Handling of Winning Entries

  • 1.If the entrant wins, they agree that their work will be displayed at this tournament and/or other events and may be used by our company for photos or other purposes without recompense. Our company has judged the return period of the work long enough to satisfy our usage needs. (Estimate: 12-18 months.) There may be times when we will ask to borrow your work again even after we return it, so please keep it safe for a year after return.
  • 2.Our company will take the utmost care in handling your work, but there is always a possibility of damage or loss during the tournament, during the display period after the tournament, while it is in our care, or during shipping. We take no responsibility if any damage or losses are incurred.

◆Privacy Policy

  • 1.For any use that is not listed here, all information will be handled using the privacy policy listed on our website(
  • 2.Please contact this tournament’s office for any inquiries on handling personal information.