FAQs on Acceptable Products/Parts

Q.May I use items from the Figure-rise series?
A.Characters that appear in the Gundam series are acceptable.
Figure-rise series: Figure-rise Standard, Figure-rise Mechanics, Figure-rise Bust, Figure-rise LABO
Q.May I use materials such as plastic plates and putty?
A.General crafting materials such as plastic plates, putty, and clay are acceptable as long as you do not use them in your design details such as color, pattern, or shape to relate to a specific character or series. For more information, please check the Entry Rules on the official website.
Q.May I use runners?
A.Runners that are acceptable under the Entry Rules may be used.
Q.May I use decals and stickers that I made using my original design?
A.Yes. However, if our company determines that the design imitates products from other companies or infringes on a third party’s rights, the submitted work may be deemed ineligible for judging or may be disqualified. Products that are copied from GUNPLA, counterfeit products, and unlicensed items that claim to be Gundam-related/for GUNPLA are prohibited.
Q.May I alter parts from BANDAI SPIRITS’ original character plastic model series like 30 MINUTES MISSIONS and 30 MINUTES SISTERS for use in this work?
A.No. Use of BANDAI SPIRITS’ original character plastic model kits is prohibited.
Q.May I use Gundam-related Shokugan or Gashapon toys?
A.No. All Gundam-related products other than plastic model kits or plastic model kit-related products are prohibited.

FAQs About Entering

Q.May I change the poses of my work as I photograph it for entry? May I change the poses in the Appealing Point photo?
A.We do not accept photos where the poses are different, including the Appealing Point photo. Please enter using your work in its final stage.
Q.Are there rules for the background of the photos?
A.Using a plain background such as black or white will make your work stand out better.
Using backgrounds that may infringe on a third party’s rights may have the work deemed ineligible for judging or may be disqualified no matter the quality of the work itself.
(Examples include characters that don’t appear in the Gundam series or marks and logos related to companies.)
Q.May I apply using works that I entered into past events other than GBWC?
A.We do not prohibit entering works that were entered in other events (including those run by other companies), but other events may, so please make sure that you’ve confirmed the rules of all the events. Works that were entered in past GBWC, GBC, and G40BC events are prohibited.
Q.I entered online, but when I checked my entry, the quality of the photo I submitted has deteriorated. Is that the photo that I’ll be judged on?
A.The photo on the confirmation page is simply a preview, so the quality will be bad. You will be judged based on the original photo entered.
Q.I haven’t finished my piece, but I want to enter anyway. Can I send in another photo later on?
A.No. Please send in photos of your work in their final stage.
Q.I keep getting an error when I try to enter. What could be the problem?
A.Often when there’s an error upon attempting to enter, it’s because of the size of the photos. Check the size of the photos’ pixels and make sure that each side is less than 4,000 pixels. You may also get an error if wide-width (2-byte) characters or symbols have been used, so please check that as well.
Q.Is there a way that I can check that my entry was submitted successfully?
A.All entrants will receive a confirmation email. Please make sure that it isn’t in your spam folder.

Other FAQs

Q.Can you please tell me why I was disqualified so I can do better in the next competition?
A.We can’t tell you specifically how you violated the rules because it has to do with our judging process, but most entrants are disqualified for not using an acceptable kit or there’s something in the background that violates a third party’s rights.